Wilma Fingerdoo


Whether you’ve fallen in love with her Fingerdoo Review on YouTube, gagged over her ever ‘evolving’ style or coveted her expansive collection of Little Hats, we can all agree on one thing: SHE’S A HOOT!

For more Hooty Goodness, which coincidentally was her drag queen name in high school, check out her social media:


And now she’ll be Live And In Person!

Join Wilma at Wayla Bar, 996 Queen St E, Thursday Nights to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, All Stars 3. If you can’t make it out to Wayla, because you’re trapped under some farm equipment or are being held hostage, no problem! Wilma broadcasts live during the commercial breaks so you watch along at home in ‘real time’ or later in your week, when you’re good and ready to do so. Here’s last week’s live broadcast from Wayla Bar and Lounge so you can see what you’re missing:


And hey, if you can’t make it out to WAYLA Bar and Lounge to experience Drag Race with Wilma, you can tune into her world famous Fingerdoo Review to see what she thought about all the shenaniganny goodness. Seriously!

Wilma went Wigless for her Review of The Boulet Brother’s second season of Dragula. You know, to spice things up: